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The Timeslips User/Customer named above agrees to pay the Time & Billing Associates, Inc., a Florida Corporation, the sum of $50.00 per quarter hour (15 minute) block, for Timeslips Remote Help, Troubleshooting, Support and/or Training. If Data Repair Is Required A Flat Rate May Be Assessed For The Repair. The Timeslips Users/Customer hereby represents that all data on this workstation or connected workstations/networks are recently backed up (copied/archived) , and hereby holds harmless Time & Billing Associates, Inc. for any damage to its data and or programs in connection to Time & Billing Associates, Inc. duties herein. In any event both parties agree that under any/all circumstances the maximum extent of liability to Time & Billing Associates, Inc. shall not exceed the amount charged for its services on the day in question, for services rendered. The above covers the initial support sessions in addition to any and all future support sessions, remote and/or onsite even in the event no additional forms are completed. 


$50 Per Quarter Hour (15 minutes) Block of Time