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Please make sure all information on this form is complete and accurate.  Incorrect and/or incomplete information will potentially prevent US merchant mariners from receiving proper credit for training requirements with the National Maritime Center in regard to their merchant mariner license.



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** Please note that the purpose of the alternate course dates is to give you a greater chance at being registered into one class offering of this course.  The registration rules below have been set to allow enrollment opportunities to all students in as timely, efficient and equitable a manner as possible.
  • When your application is received, you will be registered into the first class (in your order of preference) that has an opening.
  • If the roster for your preferred (1st choice) date selection is full and we are able to register you into the class for one of your alternate (2nd or 3rd choice) date selections, you will NOT be placed on a waitlist for your preferred (1st choice) or higher alternate (2nd choice) date selection.
  • Waitlists will only hold students who we are unable to register for any of their selected course dates.  You will be placed on the waitlists for all of the dates you selected only if all of those rosters are full.  We will register you into the first of your waitlisted classes to have an available opening as cancellations occur, and we will remove you from the other waitlists at that time.
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List all employer(s) for which you worked during the last 6 months.
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  • Retirees may list "retired" for both employer and vessel.


US citizens must submit their complete 9 digit Social Security number.
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We cannot ship plotting sheets to a PO Box.  If you use a PO Box OR want the materials shipped to an address different than your address of record, please enter a shipping address below.





I hereby certify that all information I have given on this application is true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. *
I understand that I must successfully complete the final examination at a Prometric Testing Center within 30 days of completing the course. *
I understand that credit for completion of the course will not be given until all course requirements have been met and any monies owed to CMES are paid. *
I understand that acceptance is based on eligibility requirements and the date the application is submitted. *
I understand that I must formally cancel my enrollment if I am not able to attend the class for which I am registered. (A registered student who does not attend the class and does not notify CMES of his/her cancellation will be considered a no-show, and will not be allowed to attend Calhoon MEBA Engineering School classes for a period of one year.) *
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