YEA Scholarship for HVAC Design Essentials Training

YEA offers two rounds of applications per Society year for the HVAC Design scholarship. Each round of applications will result in five (5) YEA members being selected to receive a scholarship. Those five YEA members can then select which HVAC Design training they would like to attend in the next six months.
This round of applications is open until June 23, 2023. Applicants will be notified by early July of the results. The five YEA members who receive a scholarship can select any training to attend between July-December 2023.
The full cost of registration to a Level I or II training will be covered by the scholarship. Any additional costs, such as airfare or hotel, are not covered by this scholarship. Only YEA members are eligible to apply (Affiliates, Associates, and Members who are 35 or younger as of July 1, 2022; Student members are not eligible).