ASHRAE Undergraduate Program Equipment Grants

ASHRAE provides grants to engineering, technical and architectural schools worldwide with the goal of increasing student knowledge, learning and awareness of the HVAC&R industry. Grants shall be used to fund equipment and supplies for undergraduate projects and 2-year technical school projects that focus on ASHRAE-related topics. The duration of a grant project can range from one academic term up to one year. 

Applications that create hands on teaching / demonstrations in undergraduate courses will receive higher ranking than projects that are one year undergraduate research‑based or research-like projects. Projects that can be used for multiple academic years will also receive a higher ranking.

The grant application must be submitted by the faculty member(s) responsible for the project. The application may be made from any engineering, architecture, or engineering technology department; however, the project must involve an ASHRAE-related topic. Innovative topics are encoruaged to advance the HVAC&R industry. The faculty member(s) and student(s) responsible for the project are NOT required to be members of ASHRAE. The grant is made to the university/college solely for the support of the materials required for the project in an amount not to exceed $5,000 (U.S.). University overhead, faculty or student salaries, travel expenses, and other non-equipment items will not be funded. Materials funded for the project should avoid hazardous or dangerous health exposures. Electronic equipment such as cameras, data loggers, and computers that can be reused outside of the project description wil not be funded. 

The faculty advisor(s) will submit the application to ASHRAE on behalf of the student(s) who are responsible for completing the project. To be considered, ALL application form questions must be answered , including a complete project description and a projected itemized budget. Out of schools that are selected for grant awards, judges will award the two highest ranking teams (2 students per team max) a trip to the Winter Meeting Student Program to present their project to students. The trip consists of transportation and two nights stay in the hotel. Information will be included in award letters.

The electronic submission must be received at ASHRAE Headquarters by December 15, 2024. Bonus points will be awarded to any first time applicants and any projects that receive match funding from industry.

Late or incomplete entries will not be accepted.

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