ASHRAE Student Transfer Form
***Applicants must be in the process of establshing a new Student Branch or have an existing active Student Branch***
What is a Student Branch Advisor? 
Student Branch Advisors (SBAs) direct and lead student branches by: 
- Encouraging students interested in the built environment to become student members
- Assisting in the election of officers to run the student branch
- Helping to schedule interesting and engaging activities and meeting programs
- Providing professional leadership under ASHRAE guiding principles
When you become a student branch advisor, you will receive full support from the Society and your local chapter. Working closely with the chapter is one of the best ways to guarantee the success of your student branch by allowing them to assist with providing speakers for events, support for students and more. You can work with them to host an "ASHRAE Student Night" at a monthly meeting and ask for their assistance to sponsor students for ASHRAE conferences.
What's in it for you?
In exchange for volunteering their time, SBAs receive:
- Discounted dues of $25 per year ($15 for Developing Economies)
- Discounted ASHRAE annual and winter conference registration
- Discounts on publications from the student bookstore including the ASHRAE handbook
The Developing Economies pricing ($15) is open to those residing in countries considered to be “Low Income” & “Lower Middle Income” by the World Bank. Visit the World Bank's Web site for a list of low income /lower middle income countries.
By submitting this application you are agreeing to abide by the ASHRAE Code of Ethics, found at
Please note that the Student Branch Advisor membership is only valid for as long as the branch remains active. The SBA will need to submit an annual report to Society to maintain active status.

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