91st Shock and Vibration Symposium
Training Abstract Submittal

Please use the fields below to submit an abstract for a training for the 90th Shock and Vibration Symposium Technical Program.

The Training Lecture is a 45-minute to 90-minute college level presentation that seeks to introduce people to a subject they are not familiar with. You will be expected to provide the attendees with history, definitions, basic equations, where, who and why it is used, resources for additional education, and future developments. While there is no paper required, you must send in your PowerPoint by August 30, 2021 for the symposium staff to load onto the session computer.

We will review the submittals with our Technical Advisory Group and have formal acceptance correspondence issued by June 30, 2021. For other types of abstracts (tutorial, panel, abstract, work/discussion group), please visit our 91st Symposium Event Page and choose the appropriate link to the submittal page.

To edit your abstract submittal or update author/email address, please contact Ashley Shumaker at 434.581.3041.

Please Note: All Titles and Abstracts Must be Unclassified and Approved for Public Release, Regardless of the Intended Classification of the Paper Itself.

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