Karner Kids Film Festival Submission Form

Calling all junior producers and directors! We are excited to announce the upcoming Karner Kids Film Festival for all kids ages 10-17. The Albany Pine Bush Preserve Commission is inviting kids to create short films about the Albany Pine Bush. Films could feature wildlife, plants, history, personal experiences or other Pine Bush-inspired themes.


Rules and Submission Guidelines

  1. Keep it original! You are the creator. Make sure you have permission to use any images or music that are not yours.
  2. Filmmakers must be between the ages of 10 and 17.
  3. Less is more! The length of your film must be 5 minutes or less.
  4. Your film needs to be about the Albany Pine Bush.
  5. Make it appropriate for a family audience.
  6. You and a Guardian will be asked to sign a license.
  7. Please make sure your film is in MP4 format.
  8. One submission per person.
  9. Submissions must be received by 4pm on October 31, 2020.

Filmmaker Information

Contact Information

Please provide contact information so that we can update you on the status of your entry and share other news related to the Karner Kids Film Festival. You may provide email addresses for the filmmaker, their parent/guardian or both.

Film Information

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