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Please list any Pine Bush-related topics you talked with visitors about on your hike. Please keep your answers to as few words as possible and put each topic in its own text box by using the green + button. (e.g. scrub oak, restoration, birds, geologic history, etc.)
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How were visitors using the preserve? Do not check box if you did not actually see the visitor doing these things. For example, do not check "skiing" if you only saw ski tracks. *
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Rule Violations

Did you observe any of the following rule violations?
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Collecting specimens without a permit
Dog scat on trails
Horse scat on trails
Motorized vehicles
Pets off leash
Use of unmarked (illegal) trails
Groups of 25 or more people without a permit

Trail condition notes

Information For Visitor Services Staff

The information entered in this section will be sent directly to the Discovery Center front desk.

Information For Stewardship Staff

The information entered in this section will be sent directly to Preserve Steward and Botanist Jesse Hoffman.
Please select all of the issues you observed on you hike. You will be asked to supply details for any issue you check. 🛈
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The information entered in this section will be sent directly to Field Ecologist and Entomologist Amanda Dillon.
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This is a space for any thoughts, creations, or inspiration from your hike. Maybe you took a photo you like, or wrote a poem or made a sketch while out on the trail. Maybe you simply want to describe your hike as a whole. There is absolutely no pressure to use this space, but we always welcome your contributions.
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