The members of the ACS Committee on Professional Training recognize the importance of diversity, equity, inclusion, and respect (DEIR) as an integral part of undergraduate education. To that end, we have crafted a new section of the ACS guidelines that focuses on DEIR in undergraduate education.
We would like feedback from the community on the contents that are articulated in this new section. Please provide your thoughts on this new section no later than July 24.  We will use your feedback to revise and finalize this section of the new Guidelines. 
Any questions on the guidelines document can be forwarded to Michelle Brooks ( in the ACS Approval Program Office. 

Each section is divided into three categories:

Critical Requirements: Departments/programs must meet these requirements to obtain or maintain ACS approval.
Normal Expectations: Guidelines in this category reflect the expected values and activities of an ACS approved program. Normal expectations should be met over the course of program approval. The committee will review to what extent a department meets the normal expectations, look for a pattern of continued improvement, and provide recommendations when appropriate.
Markers of Excellence: The guidelines in this category reflect departmental and institutional practices characteristic of an exemplary chemistry program that supports innovation and inclusive education.

For each of the responses below, the items can either be new or items that you think should be recategorized.

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