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The BMH Foundation for Community Health supports and funds projects and programs which are designed to improve population health by addressing the social determinants of health. As recognized by the CDC, the social determinants of health include: 
  • Healthcare Access and Quality: the connection between people's access to and understanding of health services and their own health. This includes access to health care, health insurance coverage and health literacy.
  • Education Access and Quality: the connection of education to health and wellbeing. This includes graduating from high school, enrollment in higher education, educational attainment, language and literacy, and early childhood education.
  • Social and Community Context: the connection between characteristics of the contexts within which people live, learn, work, and play, and their health and wellbeing. This includes cohesion within a community, civic participation, discrimination, conditions in the workplace, and incarceration.
  • Economic Stability: the connection between the financial resources people have (income, cost of living, and socioeconomic status) and their health. This includes issues such as poverty, employment, food security, and housing stability.
  • Neighborhood and Built Environment: the connection between where a person lives (housing, neighborhood, and environment) and their health and wellbeing. This includes quality of housing, access to transportation, availability of healthy foods, air and water quality, and neighborhood crime and violence
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