Vendor Registration

Vending Dates and Hours:
BBW Pop Up Market
Friday July 26 2019 between 10:00am - 4:00pm
Saturday July 27, 2019 between 10:00am - 4:00pm

The Vendor Hall will be open to the General Public along with registered Bash guests
Vending Space and discounted Bash registration You do not have to register for the Bash to vend
Please take a moment to read over this next section, it contains a lot of information but your participation and cooperation is required to make the Well Rounded BBW Hall a success.
All Vendors must start setting up no later than 9:00 am on 7/26 or you will not be allowed to vend and no refunds will be given.

Load In and Set Up Friday 7/26
- 8:00am - 9:30am.  Vendors must be ready to sell by 10:00 am

Load In and Set Up Saturday 7/27 - 9:00am - 10:00am.  Vendors must be ready to sell by 10:00 am
Vendors must have all product in the vending room before 9:30 am both days. Product will not be allowed to be Loaded In after 9:30 am on either day.  Load In times will be strictly enforced. 

Load Out Saturday 7/27 -
Vending ends at 4:00 pm on Saturday and the room be must be vacated by 6:00 pm.  We will try to have extra Bellmen on duty to assist you if needed. Please notify our vendor agent if you should need Load Out assistance from the Bellmen. The vendor agent designates the order in which the Bellman assists you. 

Note: Please note that you must pull down and load out on Friday and set up again on Saturday. There may be a bonus opportunity to sell during the night time Club Night but please that's bonus add on and iffy at this point.
Vending Space choices:
10' wide X 10' deep

20' wide X 10' deep
Tabletop vending, nothing in front or behind, just the table to display

Along with the Vending Fee each Vendor is required to honor two (2) $25.00 Gift Certificates.  Certificates will be awarded to Bash attendees during the Bash as game prizes. These gift certificates expire at 4:00pm on Saturday 7/27 and can be used just like cash on any of your products in stock at the show only unless YOU decide otherwise. Certificates can not be combined (The rule is nobody can win more than one)or redeemed for cash, and no change will be given. (example the certificate is for $25. and they buy something for $18. then that's it, no change will be given and they can not allow another person to use the remainder either. Gift certificates can only be used toward one item.

Note: We will attempt to accommodate any requested locations to the best of our abilities. Final vending locations will be determined by the Fire Marshal once floor plans are submitted.
Payment Cancellations and Refunds:
Vending space is not guaranteed until payment is paid in full. 

Refunds will not be given for Cancellations on Vending Space, nor will credit be issued to Vendors to be applied towards other Fees and Services offered by Brie's Pop Up Party.
G - PG Rating:
We are open to the public and we don't have the manpower to have someone at the door checking ID so we require all merchandise be G - PG  If we find you selling any "inappropriate" merchandise, you will be asked to remove it from the premises. If we have to ask a second time, your vending space will be closed and no refund will be given. This is a contractual agreement with Sam's Town Zero Tolerance!!!!! If you have doubts on whether your merchandise falls within the guidelines, please feel free to contact us.
There will be a designated place for flyers so other than your vending space flyers are not allowed.
It will be your responsibility to put your flyers out and collect them, any left behind will be tossed. Please feel free to post on our Facebook group to advertise your company and your merchandise. We have no problem with you advertising for Bash pre-sales or pre-orders.  Please let your clients know about your booth and that they are welcome to come visit you, even if they are not able to attend the Bash.

Vendors are NOT allowed to hand out Flyers or Promotional products within the Hotel or Casino property.  This is considered solicitation and is against Nevada Gaming Law and Regulations.  Brie's Pop Up Party and the Hotel will have a zero tolerance policy for this behavior.

Vendors are not permitted to sell product or offer services from their Hotel Rooms.
By signing here you have read agree with all policies *