U.S. National Intercollegiate Championships Waiver for Individual Athletes

An individual athlete on a qualifying team, who has competed in at least one intercollegiate competition, may apply for a waiver to be able to compete with their team at the U.S. Intercollegiate Figure Skating Championships.

 For Intercollegiate Figure Skating Teams: 

1. Each team may only submit one waiver request form.

2. Supporting documentation for each bye request reason filled out must be attached to this docuemt to be sent to the National Vice Chair for intercollegiate competition on the Collegiate Programs Committee. (i.e. doctor's note, for illness or injury, transcript for study abroad).  

3.  Acceptable reasons may include injury, illness, mandatory exams, and conflicting U.S. Figure Skating events.
These events include:
Regional Figure Skating Championships
Sectional Figure Skating Championships
U.S. Championships
World Junior Figure Skating Championships
World Junior Synchronized Team Selection Competition
Dr. Richard Porter Synchronized Classic
Mid America Synchronized Skating Championships

Synchronized Sectional Championships

Synchronized Championships
Synchronized Skating Sectional Monitoring Sessions

4. Incomplete forms or forms lacking supporting documentation will not be processed. Forms can only be resubmitted within the 30 days prior to the start of competition.

5. The national vice chair of Intercollegiate Skating will determine whether or not the waiver will be granted in conjunction with the chair of the Collegiate Programs Committee and U.S. Figure Skating Programs Manager.

All teams will be informed if the waiver request is granted within 2 weeks of receipt, or two weeks after the final sectional competition, whichever is later.

Note: Waiver requests will not be accepted for any athlete who has not competed in at least one intercollegiate competition during the season. Skaters must have competed in at least one event. There will be no exceptions to this rule, under any circumstance.

If you have questions please contact the following U.S. Figure Skating Headquarters staff:

Sarah Arnold
Manager, Athlete Development