2019-20 U.S. Figure Skating Adult Competition Series Registration Form

Announcing the 3rd Annual Adult Competition Series!

We are extending an invitation for you to participate in Adult Competition Series!

The Adult Competition Series is open to skaters in the adult 1 through adult bronze levels in the
Eastern, Midwestern, and Pacific Coast sections.

Participants in the Adult Competition Series compete in both the free skate and compulsory events in at least two participating Compete USA and nonqualifying competitions, one being the nonqualifying competition held in conjunction with their adult sectional championships. Athletes receive points based on their placement and the number of competitors in each event. These points are used to determine final series winners within each section. Sectional series awards are presented at the nonqualifying competition held in conjunction with each adult sectional championships.

The mission of this program is to provide a meaningful series of events to encourage skaters in Adult 1 through Adult Bronze to enjoy a fun, yet competitive environment where they can experience the community of adult skating.

Deadline to complete your application is December 31, 2019. 



This fee will be used to purchase awards for the Series winners.


If you have any questions regarding the Adult Competition Series, please contact the following:

Lisa Landon, NVC Adult Compete USA & Nonqualifying Competitions
Aviva Cantor, Adult Skating Chair
Karissa Woienski, Figure Skating Programs Manager, Phone: (719) 228-3454