Support the 2022 U.S. Figure Skating Olympic team!

While the 2022 U.S. Figure Skating Olympic Team prepares to compete in Beijing, they are energized knowing they have you as part of their support team back home. This includes their Family & Friends, who like you, will likely be cheering on Team USA from the family room couch.

Imagine having your loved one achieve the dream of making the Olympic Team and not being able to attend the Games due to the ongoing pandemic. Imagine the range of emotions those Family & Friends are going through – pride, excitement, stress and the disappointment of not being in Beijing.

That’s why U.S. Figure Skating’s Destination Beijing has invited the Olympians’ Family & Friends to gather in “U.S. Figure Skating’s Family Room” to watch the Team event together on NBC. Together, they will share their stories, hopes and pride during this unique time to cheer on their athletes as they compete on the world’s greatest stage.

Gifts to the Destination Beijing program will help bring these Olympic Family & Friends together and -- through the magic of NBC -- give them the opportunity for direct, live communication with their athlete after competitions.

Your gift will support these Family & Friends who have spent a lifetime (and countless early mornings and hours in freezing rinks!) to help make their Olympian’s dream come true.

To be a part of this unique event and to make a major gift to the friends and family of our 2022 Olympic Team, please contact Brent Diederich, Sr. Manager, Donor Engagement at 719-228-3424 or at

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