2020 Excel Series

Deadline for submission is August 31, 2019

Nonqualifying Competition Host Application Form

Dates for the 2020 Excel Series are as follows:
Deadline to submit competition application: August 31, 2019
Excel Series Competitions: December 1, 2019 - May 17, 2020 
Excel National Festival (tentative): June 19-21, 2020 

Agree To Host Terms:

Your competition must be held between December 1, 2019, and May 17, 2020.

If you are selected to be a participating competition in the Series, you agree to adhere to the Excel Series guidelines set by U.S. Figure Skating and also understand that withdrawing from the Series at a later date affects all of the skaters in the Series and may prevent your competition from being permitted to participate in series events in future seasons.

In addition, you agree that if chosen to be part of the Excel Series, your club will follow all Excel Series rules, offer all levels and levels of events of the Excel Series, secure proper officials and make sure the results are provided to the Program Development Committee within a week.

Lastly, you understand and agree to judge Excel events as IJS in accordance with the parameters set forth in TN 209 and the Excel Technical Handbook


Do you agree to offer all levels of events within the Excel Series if your competition is selected as an Excel Series participating competition?  The event levels include:

Excel Free Skate Events to be judged IJS:  Preliminary Plus, Pre-Juvenile Plus, Juvenile, Juvenile Plus, Intermediate, Intermediate Plus, Novice, Junior, Senior

Excel Free Skate Events may be judged 6.0 OR IJS:  Beginner, High Beginner, Pre-Preliminary, Preliminary, Pre-Juvenile.

We agree to run all Excel events with one or more registered Series skaters, and we agree not to merge any Excel level events due to low skater registration or any other reason. *