Health Attestation & Code of Conduct

This form must be completed no later than 14 days prior to the event start for each competition you are attending. Further, you must submit a new form for each competition you are attending. 

At all times during the competition, I pledge to: 

  • Accurately report all signs and symptoms of illness upon registration
  • Accurately report all signs and symptoms of illness to medical personnel
  • Adhere to all risk reductions strategies, which may include:
    • Mask (labeled)
      • Bring multiple to ensure changing due to soiling and/or loss
      • Must always be worn over mouth and nose during when inside and/or off-ice
      • Recommended:
        • Paper bag to contain bag when not utilized during performance and avoid cross-contamination, labeled with athlete’s name
      • Hydration container (labeled)
      • Tissues and receptacle for soiled products (labeled)
      • Hand Sanitizer/Soap product (labeled)
    • Avoid touching my face and cover my cough and/or sneeze with elbow
    • Avoid greeting other with handshakes, hugs, and high-fives
    • Wash my hands with soap and water for 20 sec/or wash with hand sanitizer with (minimum 60% alcohol) if I touch my face, eyes, nose, mouth, eat, or use the restroom
    • Abide by all area sanitation protocols at all times
    • Abide by all social distancing policies and procedures at all times
    • Upon checking into the arena, I will answer the health screening questions truthfully 
    • If an answer yes to having any symptoms, I will be subject to a medical evaluation and need medical clearance
    • Agree to having my temperature taken upon entering the arena and should I have over 100.4, I will be required to seek medical clearance
    • If I am diagnosed with Covid within 14 days of the event, I agree to being withdrawn from the event.


I have answered all questions truthfully and will follow U.S. Figure Skating's Code of Conduct.

Reminder, you must complete this attestation form for each competition you are attending.
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