Trial Judge Registration Form
Note: The purpose of this form is for people to officially register as a trial judge with U.S. Figure Skating in singles/pairs, dance and/or synchronized skating and get assigned a monitor(s). This is NOT an application for a judges appointment seminar.

Part 1: General Information

Have you ever been an ineligible person? * 🛈
Discipline(s) in which you wish to register as a trial judge (select all that apply): *
*Per Rule JR 8.02, persons seeking appointment as a synchronized skating judge must obtain at least a bronze singles/pairs test or bronze dance test appointment before being appointment as a synchronized skating judge. Thus, if you are registering to trial judge synchronized skating, you must register to trial judge singles/pairs and/or dance, too.
Do you know a judge whom you'd like to have as your monitor?
Your monitor must live in the same section as you and should ideally live in the same region. *