Request for Test Credit for Foreign Tests

Skater's General Information

Please submit this request form and a copy of your foreign test record or an affidavit from your previous federation showing your current level. If your federation does not have a test structure, please attach your current competitive history from your previous federation.

Required documentation will be sent via email to:
• Chair of the Tests Committee, Anthony Iarriccio –

The chairs will review your previous history and notify you (via email) what tests you may begin taking within the U.S. Figure Skating structure. This process can take up to 30 days once your submitted application is complete, and you must be a current member before your application can be reviewed. Please note that gold test credit is usually not awarded.
Also, in order for your application to be reviewed, you MUST upload* a copy of at least one of the following: 
     1. Your foreign test record 
     2. An affidavit from your previous federation showing your current level 
     3. A copy of your current competitor history from your previous federation
     4. Any documents not in English must include a translation to English. 
*This may require a computer to add attachments unless you have the ability to attach pdf/doc files from your mobile device.
Are you competing for a college in intercollegiate skating competitions? *