V1 Kit

Looking for a solution that is meant for providing Proof of Presence?
Check out the V1 Proof of Presence Device!
Includes : 
- 1 (One) V1 Wand
- 1 (One) Proprietary USB Cable
‚Äč- 10 (Ten) RFID Tags
- 1 (One) Holster
- Initial Server Setup and Onboarding
- 1 year Subscription
The V1 is the perfect solution for you! It provides the proof of presence you require. It's easy-to-use and extremely durable, making it perfect for construction sites and extreme situations where Smart Devices might be damaged!
All that is required is for users to press the read end of the device to the target RFID tag. The user will then receive feedback from the device (a vibration), indicating that the device has read the tag successfully. 
The device records what tag was read, and the time that it was read. Once the device is attached to a computer, it uploads the information to the TourTrax.net web portal.
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