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Applicant declaration

I declare that the information provided in this application form is accurate and complete and I understand that, if it is not, this may hinder or harm my chances of being accepted onto the programme and/or completing the programme successfully by being awarded QTS. If my teaching experience as stated in this application form (planning, marking, assessing and reporting on pupils’ work) is not corroborated by the schools that I have taught in, I understand that Tes Institute may need to increase the length of my Programme in order for it to equate to two or more years’ teaching before I can be entered for Assessment Only QTS assessment.

The title of this award is subject to change due to an ongoing 
government consultation at the time of going to press.

I understand that the information provided in this application form may be shared with such other persons, as applicable or necessary, who are directly involved in the processing of my application and, if successful, in the management, organisation and delivery of my programme including assessment against the QTS standards. We will also share your data for the purposes of sending you surveys from time to time to help us improve our programmes and services.

I also understand that Tes Institute will, following receipt of this application, contact any nominated member of the Senior Management Team at my school named in my application to confirm their support of my application.

 ‘Your data will be processed in accordance with Tes’ Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions.


To be eligible for a National College for Teaching and Leadership (NCTL) funded place on our SKE course you must have accepted a conditional offer of a place on a postgraduate or School Direct initial teacher training (ITT) programme prior to applying for an SKE course. 

The completion of an SKE course must be a condition of your ITT offer in order to meet the NCTL eligibility criteria for course and bursary funding.

To be eligible for the additional bursary funding you must have been awarded or in the process of obtaining an undergraduate degree of 2:2 classification (or equivalent).

Your School Direct school or ITT provider must agree to:

  • Directly request SKE funding and SKE training bursary from the NCTL to cover the full cost of the SKE course and pay Tes Institute's invoice for the course provided while also handling the administration of the SKE training bursary if they are eligible to receive this.*


  • Nominate Tes Institute to receive the SKE course funding and SKE trainees' bursary directly from the NCTL. Tes Institute will then administer the funding of the bursary to the trainee. For full details on funding and how to apply please visit, NCTL SKE Operations Manual.


If you have any questions about the supplementary bursary please contact

Overlapping SKE with ITT

SKE courses can overlap with the start of an initial teacher training (ITT) course, however, if you choose to overlap your SKE course with your training you must complete the SKE programme before you can be awarded QTS.

It is important that you are aware that overlapping SKE with ITT requires a large commitment from you to complete the work for both programmes. We strongly advise you discuss this option with your ITT provider before applying for an SKE course that overlaps with the start of your ITT.

During the time that an SKE course is being undertaken alongside ITT, you will not be eligible to receive your SKE bursary as NCTL funding rules do not allow two bursaries to be received concurrently. 

Self-funded SKE places

It is also possible for other persons (those who are ineligible for an NCTL funded SKE place) to take a Tes Institute SKE course.  Tuition fee rates for self-funded places on SKE courses are available upon request from Tes Institute. Please contact the Enrolment team on 0203 194 3200

Eligibility *

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