TCFSC Membership and Waivers for 2020-2021 Skating Season

Thomas Creek Figure Skating Membership, Policies and Waivers for the 2020-2021 Skating Season

Membership 2020-2021 Season
First Family Member w/Thomas Creek FSC **                                                                        $175.00
Introductory Membership (1st time member only)                                                                    $100.00
TCFSC Collegiate Membership (4 consecutive years)                                                             $100.00
Collegiate Membership (Home Club elsewhere - 1 year membership)                                    $60.00
Associate Membership (Home Club elsewhere) TCFSC only                                                  $130.00
Subsequent First Family Membership
(2nd skater family member or non skater family member associated w/First Family membership only)            $40.00                                                                                                                      
Professional Membership                                                                                                         $70.00                                                                                                                   
Adult Syncho Skater Home Club                                                                                              $100.00
Adult Syncro Associate Membership                                                                                        $40.00
Basic Skills                                                                                                                               $20.00

**Membership at the First Family level requires the minimum purchase of club ice at the equivalent of one hour of ice package per week/season**  This ice purchase is not subject to transfer nor for ANY reason may it be cancelled.  Exceptions to this are adult skaters who are 18 and older who are not eligible for a collegiate membership and also for those First Family members who primarily reside more than 75 miles away from Rochester Ice Center.