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Tournament and Event Registration- 2024

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Tournament and Event Registration

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NVTBL teams must be sign up for 2024 spring/summer to receive discounts.  We will circle back in February to confirm all NVTBL teams to cross check.  Penalties if a team falsifies tourney registration.
CLOSED- 3/16- St. Patty's Spring Training Camp/Tourney (13u-14u)
(0 remaining)
(0 remaining)
SOLD OUT 4/27- Round Robin Rumble (13u-14u)
(4 remaining)
(3 remaining)
SOLD OUT- 4/28- 1 Day Madness Tourney (10u-12u)
(2 remaining)
(2 remaining)
5/11- MS Ballpark Brawl (13u-14u)
(5 remaining)
(5 remaining)
5/24- 90' Kyle's Kamp MD (13u - 15u)
(24 remaining)
(13 remaining)
5/24- Youth Kyle's Kamp MD (8u or 11u OPEN)- 9u, 10u, 12u is SOLD OUT
(2 remaining)
(2 remaining)
9/5- Fall Kick-Off Classic (13u - 18u)
9/7- 1 Day Madness Tourney (10u-12u)
(19 remaining)
(2 remaining)
8/2- HS Showcase Series (15u-18u)
(11 remaining)
(9 remaining)
11/2- Monster Mash (13u - 18u)
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-  No refunds within 30 days of event
-  15% processing fee if more than 30 days
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