2021 NVCL Colllege League Registration Form

Summer 2021


2021 Season Dates 
-  April-  Team Draft
-  June 19-  Practices / Workouts (may be a few days later)
-  June 26-  Games start (may be a few days later)
-  July 26-  Playoffs start
-  July 31-  Championship Game
$150 to secure spot in NVCL Draft


Grade in Spring 2021 *
Age as of July 1, 2021 *
Did you play in NVCL in Summer 2020? *
Primary Position on College Team *
Seconday Position on College Team *
Bats *
Throws *
Are you or will you be a two player in College (pitcher and position player)? *
Height *
Weight *
60 yd speed (time) *
T-Shirt/Jersey Size *
Flex Fit Hat Size *

Payment Info- Deposit

This deposit secures your spot in the NVCL Draft in April 2021.  All players who register and pay the deposit will be considered for the draft.  Any players who are not selected in the draft will be given a full refund by May 1, 2021.  We expect a large majority of players to be selected.
This $150 deposit will be applied towards your final payment for the 2021 summer season.  The per player fee in 2020 was $495.  We are hoping to get the pp cost down in 2021 but don't have the exact numbers yet. 
NVCL Summer 2021 Deposit *
Refunds minus a 20% processing fee will be given up until April 7th.  No refunds for the deposit after April 7, 2021 as final preparations for the draft will be done at that time.