Winter College Showcase


25 College Coaches already committed! 
Sunday, January 27
2 - 5:45 pm-  Position Players
5:00 - 7:00 pm-  Pitchers
1 Position (Pitcher OR Position Player)-  $155
2 Positions (Pitcher AND Position Player-  $215
AFTER 1/21/19
1 Position (Pitcher OR Position Player)-  $205
2 Positions (Pitcher AND Position Player-  $305
NVTBL is providing this event at an incredible value for all of our HS players.  Normally an Showcase event like this with 25+ College Coaches in a first class indoor facility would be more than double this amount.


The St. James
450,000 square foot facility
6805 Industrial Rd, Springfield, VA 20151

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I, the undersigned, understand that Baseball is an active, physical sport and that injuries can often occur during participation at Camp. I also understand that there will be more campers than staff at the Camp, and that my child cannot receive individualized supervision at all times. I hereby acknowledge that my child is physically fit and mentally capable of participating in practices, games, and all camp activities.

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There will no refunds available for this camp after 1/1/19.  
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