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Secure Credit Card Payment Form

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We will accept online credit card payments only from clients, not from some other cardholder paying on behalf of the client. We reserve the right to contact the client to verify the authenticity of any transaction. By submitting your credit card information to us, you, the client, authorize Salvado Salvado & Salvado to process a credit transaction for the amount below-requested. Salvado Salvado & Salvado will not submit any card number for transactions prior to receiving a signed Legal Retainer Agreement. Salvado Salvado & Salvado reserves the right to reject or refuse any credit transaction to the extent permitted by law.

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Salvado Salvado & Salvado reserves the right to reject any payments not made by our client with our client's credit card. If you are paying for another person or with another person's card, please contact Salvado Law Firm before you make any such payment: 703-538-4710
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