SHCP Summer School (Open to Current SHCP students ONLY)

All students (excluding Honors Biology students) are required to attend the summer school orientation which will be held on June 10th at 8:00am in the Student Life Center. Student schedules will be distributed after orientation, prior to a special schedule for the first day of summer school.

Online Registration
The online registration should be completed by a parent or guardian.

Due to the nature of summer school and the class time needed for obtaining course credit, no absences are permitted. The summer school session is 23 days long and it is expected that a student will be present all 23 days. NOTE: Honors Biology is 28 days long. No allowances can be made for any family vacations or other activities that will prevent a student from attending school. July 4th AND 5th are school holidays. Please contact your counselor or SHC Summer School Principal, Mr. Phil Freed, with questions.

Course Information
All high school courses are offered to only current SHC students entering 10th-12th grade.  There are five categories of classes:

  • Accelerated - worth 10 units of credit
  • Honors - worth 10 units of credit
  • Preparatory - worth 5 units of credit
  • Preview - no credit
  • Credit Recovery - making up credits.  

An email with your order summary will be sent. Please contact Mr. Phil Freed, Summer School Principal at (415) 775-6626 x737 or with questions about the summer school session at SHC.