94th Shock and Vibration Symposium
Dedication Session Abstract Submittal

Please use the fields below to submit an abstract a dedication session for the 94th Shock and Vibration Symposium Technical Program.

Dedicated Sessions are a group of paper presentations of similar content and that are organized by a session developer. Anyone can be a Dedicated Session developer, but it is the developer's role to solicit for presentations to be included in the dedicated session. Dedicated Sessions can be unclassified or classified but all material submitted via this form must be unclassified. You must have at least 4 papers for a dedicated session. Each paper must be submitted separately using this form; the only redundant information collected is the session organizer data. The organizer can submit all abstracts or he/she can direct each presenter in the session to submit.

We will review the submittals with our Technical Advisory Group and have formal acceptance correspondence issued by July 15, 2024. For other types of abstracts (tutorial, training, abstract, work/discussion group), please visit our 94th Symposium Event Page and choose the appropriate link to the submittal page.

To edit your abstract submittal or update author/email address, please contact Ashley Shumaker at 434.581.3041.

Please Note: All Titles and Abstracts Must be Unclassified and Approved for Public Release, Regardless of the Intended Classification of the Paper Itself.

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