Energy Program Enrollment Form

The Energy Program under Energize Denver is one compliance path of the Green Buildings Ordinance for existing buildings.  The Energy Program path is a flexible program with energy efficiency and renewable options to save money by lowering operational costs. 
This form is for early enrollment in the Energy Program (prior to roof replacement).  Enrollment allows a choice of a "baseline year" from the last five years and credit for energy-efficient improvements made before it's time for a roof replacement.  The default baseline year is the year prior to enrollment.  Enrolling in the Energy Program applies to a building for 20 years or through one roof replacement, whichever is longer.  After completion of the Program, an owner can re-enroll the building for additional energy savings. 
*All pre-populated fields can be edited and should be reviewed for accuracy 

I. Building Details

Denver Building ID: Add the building's 4-digit unique Denver Building ID used to track compliance with the benchmarking requirement in Denver.  To find the address we use for your building on that list find your building on the map at Energize Denver Benchmarking Map and then search for that address in our Benchmarking Compliance Status Report.  
Baseline Year: The calendar year energy use used to calculate energy savings for the Energy Program.  The default is the prior year and can be specified up to five years prior to enrollment to capture recent energy savings.  Data for the baseline year is submitted to the City via ENERGY STAR Portfolio manager.  

II. Energy Program Enrollment

This form is for enrollment in the Energy Program, which is one compliance option for existing buildings under Denver’s Green Buildings Ordinance. 
Energy Program Enrollment *
  • An ENERGY STAR score of 85 or higher.
  • An energy use intensity (EUI) improvement of:
    • 10% for buildings between 25,000 and 49,999 square feet, or
    • 15% for buildings of 50,000 square feet or more 
  • An off-site solar purchase equivalent to 100% of the electricity used in the building.
  • A combination of EUI improvement + offsite solar.

    Additional details, program requirements, and compliance options are located online at > Energy Program.


III. Signatures and Contact Information

I understand that enrolling in the Energy Program is valid for 20 years or through one roof replacement, whichever is longer. 
I understand that the Energy Program selected above will apply to this building for the duration of its existence, according to the Green Buildings Ordinance as set out in Article XIII, Chapter 10 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code. 
Building Owner Signature. 

LEGAL AUTHORITY: The person signing and executing enrollement into the Energy Program represents and warrants that such person has been fully authorized to execute the enrollement on behalf of the building at the specified address and to validly and legally bind the building to the performance obligations of the Energy Program.
Signature *
For the Energy Program enrollment, who will be the primary contact leading the building’s participation?