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Compliments or Complaints

Maintaining community confidence and satisfaction is fundamental to the way the Northern Territory Police, Fire and Emergency Services conduct business.

Quality customer service is both an organisational philosophy and an attitude to work that is embraced by all NT Police Officers, Fire and Rescue workers and Emergency Service personnel.

Through customer feedback we are committed to continually improving our professional service to the community.

If you wish to pay a compliment or make a complaint in relation to the service delivery by members of the NT Police, Fire and/or Emergency Services, you can contact us through any of the following channels;

Police only:

  • In person to any Police Officer;

  • At the front counter of any Police Station;

  • By ringing 131444 (NT residents);

Police, Fire and/or Emergency Services:

  • Writing a letter to:

    Attention - Police Standards Command,
    P.O. Box 39764
    Winnellie NT 0821

  • By ringing 1800 750 984 (Interstate residents) or;

  • By filling out the following form

If you are making a complaint through an advocate or other person, please provide details of that person so that we may be able to contact that person if required.

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