TeamPeds Talk: Child Health Equity Application Form

The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) expresses our deep concern for the health and wellbeing of the children in our country at these times. As pediatric-focused advanced practice nurses, we are all too aware of the significant impact recent events have on children’s health and wellbeing. NAPNAP remains united and dedicated to advocating for all children to grow up in a world that celebrates their diversity and their safety. In our role as advocates for children, and in our mission to promote equity in child health as experts in pediatrics, we are working to create an educational series to support our communities.

TeamPeds Talk will spotlight Child Health Equity in our first Conversations on Child Health series. This series of 16 recorded conversations will reflect the several key issues that make up the underlying factors in the arena of Social Determinants of Health. For more information visit-

Through this series, we want to have important conversations with APRNs that are developing efforts to positively impact child health inequities, and share these conversations with the NAPNAP membership.
If you are interested in helping us create an inclusive, accessible, and diverse forum for professional civil dialogue to raise awareness of issues impacting child health, we invite you to complete the form below.
If you are interested in joining NAPNAP to explore the ways in which social influencers affect the health of children and their families - we are looking for you! We are planning to launch a new conversation each week from August - November, but we need you to make this happen. Each part of the series will be approximately 30 minutes long and focus on one of 16 topical areas.

 Please complete the form for your application to be reviewed. You may complete this form more than once if you are interested in participating in conversations on multiple topics.

The recorded episodes will be awarding listeners with CE contact hours when completing post-tests. The guest of each episode will be the one to create 2-3 post test questions for the recorded episode. *