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The National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners (NAPNAP) expresses our deep concern for the health and wellbeing of the children in our country at these times. As pediatric-focused advanced practice nurses, we are all too aware of the significant impact recent events have on children’s health and wellbeing. NAPNAP remains united and dedicated to advocating for all children to grow up in a world that celebrates their diversity and their safety. In our role as advocates for children, and in our mission to promote equity in child health as experts in pediatrics, we are working to create an educational series to support our communities.

TeamPeds Talks second Conversations on Child Health series will focus on Mental Health.

With the success of Series 1 on social determinants of health, the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners is excited to launch series 2, which will explore mental health impacts on children and adolescents as well as on pediatric caregivers.

We are not looking for subject matter experts to simply provide an overview of each topic. We are looking for novel applications, new initiatives, emerging trends, and compelling stories demonstrating the impact of COVID-19 on current trends and issues in mental health. We welcome you to submit an application for consideration to be a guest on the podcast.

Please complete the form for your application to be reviewed. You may complete this form more than once if you are interested in participating in conversations on multiple topics.

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