Outstanding SIG Award

Thank you for your interest in nominating your SIG for the Outstanding SIG Award! The Outstanding SIG Award is presented annually to the SIG that contributes to the mission of NAPNAP in outstanding or innovative ways. The winning SIG will receive $500. In case of a tie vote, both SIGs will receive award, but they will split the $500, each receiving $250. SIG members may receive this award only once every two (2) years or every other year. SIGs must be in good standing to receive the award. The deadline to nominate your award is Friday, December 17, 2021.
Please tell us below how your SIG furthered the mission of the national organization over the past twelve (12) months by addressing the following criteria:
Contributions of the SIG at the local, state, or national level may be in the areas of educational activities or initiatives, legislative consultations related to health policy, leadership, or mentorship activities within NAPNAP, the SIG, or other groups, consultation(s) with other professional organizations or service on their committees, participation in community projects or activities, publications in newspapers, magazines, or journals, and/or involvement in research efforts to improve the health of infants, children, and adolescents.