DVD Order Form--Step One

LexMedia can only provide copies of DVDs for shows that
were produced by LexMedia or with the permission of
producers of programs not produced by LexMedia.  In
general, LexMedia produces all government meetings,
school sporting events, high school plays, graduations
and some lectures.

Please complete Step One of this ordering process and
we will inform you by email how you can proceed with
your purchase.

Show Information

If the program you want to order is available, you will be emailed the name of the program within one business day.  You will also receive a link so you can order the DVD by credit card or by check and you will be requested to enter the name of the emailed program in the space provided.

Contact Information

Payment Information

Payment will be taken care of in Step Two after you have received an email with confirmation that the show is available for purchase.  Click on the link provided in the email to purchase the DVD.
Please Contact Irene @ irene@lexmedia.org with any questions or call 781-862-5388.