Community Bulletin Board

CBB Information

LexMedia will run CBB announcements on our access channels in two designated times (7:30-8:00am on channel LPTV and 6:30-7:00pm) and throughout the day in gaps between programs. CBBs are also displayed on the home page of the LexMedia website and our other digital platforms.

Non-profit community events for the bulletin board may be submitted by all residents of Lexington, members of municipal departments of the Town of Lexington, Lexington-based non profit organizations as well as LexMedia members. Non profit organizations from outside Lexington may also submit announcements through a sponsoring resident.

No commercial announcements, advertising, or direct appeals for funds will be accepted.  It is LexMedia's policy not to advertise the price of an event.

LexMedia cannot guarantee placement of the announcement on our CBB.  Messages not tied to an upcoming event shall run for at least a one month period and will be removed at the discretion of LexMedia.

LexMedia reserves the right to reject or edit announcements at it's own discretion. LexMedia is not responsible for any mistakes made on the CBB.
How to submit an announcement for the Community Bulletin Board

1.Text (with optional attachments)

Provide information regarding the event as text.  Provide contact details in case viewers need additional information.  Be sure to include date, time and place of event. A member of LexMedia will create a slide to be displayed as part of the community bulletin board based on the information given. A slide will be provided as soon as possible depending on LexMedia staff workload.
Attachments about the event can be used as the only piece of information or to add to information.  Attachments can be of any type with information you would like to have included (e.g. word, powerpoint, pdf, jpg with picture to use, etc.). Up to four attachments are allowed.

2. Final CBB .jpg

CBBs may be submitted as a final version slide, ready to be displayed, in jpg format. Please see information below
regarding size and content when submitting a final version

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Please Contact Irene @ irene@lexmedia.org with any questions or call 781-862-5388.