1. Has your organization been successful in “moving the needle” on key priorities based on your projections and expectations? *
2. Does your foundation have an impact strategy for making a difference around the issues that matter to your organization? *
3. Do you have evaluation support which oversees progress made on your organization’s impact agenda or granting goals? *
4. Is giving guided by data and measures or is the inability to measure outcomes a constant theme in your board or staff meetings? *
5. Do your grantees rely heavily on anecdotal evidence to make the case for increased funding? *
6. Does your foundation make gifts based on results, or are history and relationships the driving factors behind granting? *
7. Does your organization frequently find itself having to “dump” money at the end of a fiscal cycle in order to meet your giving goals? *
8. Does your foundation align resources or pools of funding with other like-minded organizations interested in advancing a similar agenda? *
9. Does your foundation factor in national best practices related to your giving areas when making granting decisions? *
10. Do you have a clear-cut strategy for maximizing your investment over the next 10 to 20 years? *
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