2020 GL Regional Awards Sponsorships

I will pay by ... *
You may select multiple awards.  The sponsorship listed will apply to all selected awards.  If you would like different sponsorship wording for different awards, email your wording to chris.unangst@gmail.com, make a note in the notes section, or send one form for each sponsorship.
Paypal, checks, or money orders are accepted for payment.

Submission of this form is a commitment to paying for your sponsorships.
PayPal payments should be sent to: ticaglpaypal@gmail.com.  This form will allow you to send PayPal payments when submitting this form.  If paying by PayPal, please forward a copy of your PayPal payment receipt to the awards coordinator at chris.unangst@gmail.com.

ROSETTE SPONSORSHIPS Best-10th: $75, 11th-20th: $65, 21st-25th: $35

Rosette sponsorships are available in the above groups. Rosettes are not available for individual sponsorship. Rosette sponsorships will be acknowledge in the banquet program and with a label on the rosettes.

Best of Breed Cats - $10 each

Best of Breed Kittens - $10 each

Best of Breed Alters - $10 each

Top-25 Allbreed Cats
$50 - Best, $20 - 2nd-10th, $15 - 11th-25th

Top-25 Longhair Cats (not in the top-25 Allbreed Cats)
$15 - 11th-25th

Top-25 Shorthair Cats (not in the top-25 Allbreed Cats)
$15 - 11th-25th

Top-25 Kittens
$50 - Best, $20 - 2nd-10th, $15 - 11th-25th

Top-25 Alters
$50 - Best, $20 - 2nd-10th, $15 - 11th-25th

Top-25 Household Pets
$50 - Best, $20 - 2nd-10th, $15 - 11th-25th

Top-25 Household Pet Kittens
$50 - Best, $20 - 2nd-10th, $15 - 11th-25th
Lifetime Achievement and Outstanding Sire Awards