Volunteer Cat Club - November 20-22, 2020

As of October 19, 2020 this show is FULL and we are unable to take additional entries. We are not taking a waiting list, so if you have not entered, we will be unable to consider your entry for this show. We thank everyone who entered the show. If you missed out we hope to see you at our next show!!


Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, all exhibitors must review and agree to the following social distancing requirements:
Social Distancing Requirements: Due to the ongoing Covid19 pandemic, Volunteer Cat Club will enforce the following social distancing requirements.  These may be expanded, or relaxed, depending on CDC, state, county, or city requirements at the time of the show.
* The show will be closed to the public all days.

* Anyone with a temperature of 100 F or above, and those traveling with them, will not be allowed in the showhall.  Temperatures will be taken at the door so plan extra time at check-in EACH DAY.

Everyone must properly wear a mask according to CDC guidelines (must cover nose, mouth, and chin) while in the showhall unless actively eating/drinking and in a stationary location (benching area, ring, or other designated area).  Anyone not wearing their mask correctly will be reminded of this requirement and those continuing to not wear a mask correctly will be asked to leave the showhall.  Masks WILL NOT be provided by the club.  Please bring your own that meets the requirements.

* Rings will be located in the side rooms of our showhall.  Marks will be placed on the floor where exhibitors can stand to watch judging/finals.  If space is not available, please move out of the ring.  Please be considerate of your fellow exhibitors.

* Moving the rings out of the main showhall space will allow additional space for benching.  Even so, we will be limiting entries to a maximum of 175 entries, or until we have no more space available.  Benching spaces will be left empty between exhibitor benching spaces and will be marked off as not to be used.  These spaces cannot be used as grooming or additional cage spaces.  Anyone found doing so will be asked to vacate the not to be used spaces.  IMPORTANT: For those needing benching as close to the rings as possible, doing so will be difficult for us to accommodate this year since the rings will be in separate rooms.   However, we will make accommodations to best of our abilities.

* There will be NO concession at the showhall.  Please plan on bringing your own food.  
Social distancing agreement *
A one-time $10 per exhibitor Covid19 charge will be assessed to help defray the costs of having to limit our show entries. *