Please fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming an approved Micro-Rescue.

Do you have previous rescue experience? *
Do you attend auctions in your area/ Are you aware of the auctions in your area: *
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We are not able to guarantee health, behavior or disposition in the horses that come from kill buyers or auctions. Are you willing to take a horse, site unseen to save them from their current situation?

Do you own your own barn/ facility: *
If you board, you must have consent from the barn owner. We recommend 21 day quartintine. Please make sure that your barn owner is aware of the rescue situation and understands additional care is sometimes necssary.
Please read the information provided on about Micro-Rescues, Rescue 101, USA Horse Auctions and Transportation.
*Incomplete applications will not be approved. Please fill out the entire form. The information above is needed to ensure the safety of the horses being sent to the Micro Rescues.*
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