Energize Denver: Equity Priority Buildings Application for Compliance Assistance

This application is for equity priority buildings that would like to apply for free compliance assistance to meet Energize Denver benchmarking and Performance Requirements. City staff will review your application to determine if the building is eligible for compliance assistance.

You will be contacted if we need additional information and notified by email of your application status following its review. If you have questions regarding your application status, reach out to the Building Performance Help Desk by phone (844)-536-4528 or by email energizedenver@denvergov.org. 

I. Contact Information

II. Building Information

Does your building fall under at least one of the following Buildings classifications? *
Does the building have an affordable housing covenant? *
What type of human service/restricted-income provider owns or occupies the building? *
Is your building owned or occupied by non-profits? * 🛈

Do you own the building? * 🛈
Does your building serve frontline communities? * 🛈
CASR is trying to learn more about our community's access to cooling, could you please share if your building has Air Conditioning? *
Please tell us if you would like assistance in Spanish throughout the Energize Denver process. *
Note: The collection of this data is for internal use to better guide CASR policies and is not shared with third parties that are not involved in the Energize Denver Performance Requirements.

III. Signatures and Contact Information

I, the undersigned authorized representative of the building owner, affirm and attest to the accuracy, truthfulness, and completeness of the statements of material fact provided in this form.