Energize Denver: Demolition Timeline Adjustment Application

This application is for building owners who plan on demolishing their building up to 2 years after an interim or final target is due. If the building will be demolished before the requirements are due, use the demolition exemption application. 
Your application will be reviewed by city staff to determine if the building is eligible for additional assistance. You will be notified by email of your application status following its review. If you have questions regarding your application status reach out to the Building Performance Help Desk by phone (844)-536-4528 or by email energizedenver@denvergov.org. 
To learn more about Energize Denver Benchmarking and Performance Requirements visit: https://www.denvergov.org/energizedenver

I. Personal Information

II. Building Information

- The Denver Building ID is a unique 4-digit number assigned to each individual building required to comply with the Energize Denver Benchmarking requirements. All Denver Building IDs and their corresponding addresses can be found on the Benchmarking Compliance Status Report.  

III. Demolition Timeline Adjustment Application

IV. Signatures

I, the undersigned authorized representative of the building owner, affirm and attest to the accuracy, truthfulness and completeness of the statements of material fact provided in this form. The information provided will be used to create a timeline adjustment agreement. The building owner should be aware that if the demolition is canceled and the building does not meet its performance requirements as originally assigned, or the owner does not apply to update the timeline adjustment, that retroactive penalties at a higher level could be assessed. 
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