Single Family Project Registration

Register your single family project here. Projects pursuing EarthCraft House, ENERGY STAR, Zero Energy Ready Home, Passive House, an Energy Efficiency Mortgage, or Zero Energy Consulting should register with this form. A $475 registration fee will be collected. Home plans and specifications can be uploaded as well. See below for fees and program specifics.

EarthCraft House

As of March 1, 2023 Base Certification is $700 plus $0.25/square foot over 3000 sq. ft. The addition of badges will incur the following costs:

  • Performance Badge: +$375
  • Comfort Badge: +$100
  • Environment Badge: +$50
  • Health Badge: +$50
Builders may also add a HERS Rating (+$375) or ENERGY STAR certification (+$600 and includes HERS Rating). 

After the pre-drywall inspection (PDI), the builder will be invoiced the remaining certification amount (depending on final certification package). Extra site visits and/or testing will incur additional charges. Please reach out to for a full price list. 


As of March 1, 2023 base certification is $1,075, plus $.25/square foot over 3000 square feet. Please let Viridiant know if you plan to participate in the Dominion Residential New Construction program. Extra site visits and/or testing will incur additional charges. Please reach out to for a full price list. 

Energy Efficiency Mortgage (EEM) 

Viridiant currently only provides this service in the Richmond metro area. The final cost will depend on the size of the house and number of duct systems. Please contact Viridiant prior to registering to discuss details and make sure we can accommodate your deadlines.  

Zero Energy Ready Home, Passive House, Zero Energy consulting 

Fees for these services will vary depending on the project scope and size. Contact Viridiant to discuss details and receive a quote for services prior to registering. 

EarthCraft Renovation

There are two components to the certification process—the Initial House Assessment and the Formal Certification. The initial house assessment is performed to establish a baseline and what minimum improvements will need to be made. Once this is completed, the builder/owner will have the option to continue with the certification process.

1) Initial Assessment: A $775 flat fee per home under 3000 square feet ($475 paid online at time of project registration). Homes exceeding 3000 square feet will be charged an additional $.15 per square foot. For homes for which to scale plans are not provided and additional $200 fee will be charged.  

2) Certification: A flat $650 fee which covers the first 8 hours of work completed by Viridiant and Viridiant staff. After 8 hours of work, the builder/owner will be billed on an hourly basis at $75/hour.

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