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Please fill in the following form to register your project. Only Light Commercial Developers and Owners or their authorized representatives may use this form to register a project.

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Primary Contact Information

For all renovation projects, Viridiant will contact the on-site contact to schedule pre-demo testing.

ECLC Resources

Submittal package items, ECLC worksheets, and other helpful information is available on the Viridiant website:

Registration Fee

All projects must pay a one time registration fee of $500.00. Renovation projects will be subject to additional fees for pre-demo testing.
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Design Review Submittal

The next step in the certification process is to schedule a Design Review meeting with our ECLC Team. An updated EarthCraft Workbook and updated project drawings must be submitted to Viridiant at least two weeks before the design review meeting. Uploaded plans must include floor plans, elevations, and wall sections. If you have any difficulties attaching the required documents, email them to with the subject (Design Review Submittal: Project Name)

By signing below, you agree that all information provided in this registration is accurate to the best of your knowledge, the project team will abide by all requirements and minimum construction standards of the EarthCraft program, and responsible parties will pay for any necessary invoices. *
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