Multifamily Additional Services Submittal

Multifamily Additional Services Submittal

Please fill out this form and submit required documents to the best of your ability. Note that your selected programs and services will impact what information is requested. If you have any difficulties attaching files, email them to with the subject (Multifamily Services: Project Name). Depending on the services you select, this form may prompt you to pay with credit card.
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Viridiant Programs & Services

If you requested a Pre-Review, Preliminary Utility Allowance, or Early Plan Review, then this form will prompt you to pay with credit card. For all other services Viridiant will send a proposal and invoice to the billing contact. Renovation projects may be subject to additional fees for baseline testing if necessary. 
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*The Design Review Meeting is not included in the contract fees for projects only pursuing HERS certification. Viridiant will send an invoice for this add-on service.
Please select your top three preferences for Design Review Meeting scheduling. Viridiant staff will work to accommodate your preferences based on your assigned Viridiant Project Manager's availability.
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For renovation projects, Viridiant may contact the on-site contact to schedule baseline testing.
If we need to invoice your project for any services, are you the billing contact? *

Document Submittal

Uploaded drawings should include floor plans, elevations, and wall sections. Please fill out and upload the Viridiant's Specification Sheet. A Viridiant multifamily team member will follow up with the architect contact about any missing specifications or any specifications that do not meet program requirements. Viridiant will use your provided specifications to build energy models for your project and check that your scope of work is in line with your selected green building program requirements. Attach multiple files in a ZIP folder or send them via email to


By signing below, you agree that this form has been completed to the best of your knowledge and that responsible parties will pay for any necessary invoices. *
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