Chromebook Request Form

Students checking out Chromebooks for use over the closure of school are still subject to the same Technology Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP) as during the school year. Students need to continue to handle their Chromebook with care, as it can be broken if dropped, bumped, or treated roughly or carelessly. Do not leave it outside in a car, which can become extremely hot.
Any Chromebook that needs repair over the closure should send an email to, so a coordination time to pick up a loaner is possible. Any issues will be taken care of when staff is available. Families are responsible for the cost of any repairs.
It is the parent's responsibility to monitor the student's use of the Chromebook at home. The district will not be liable for any inappropriate or illegal activity of students on Chromebooks at home. 
We have a limited number of Chromebooks that are available, which means that requests will be treated on a first-come, first-serve basis. 
Please complete all the necessary fields accurately.

Student Agreement

I agree that I have read and understood the District Technology Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP). I agree to follow the rules contained in the policy. I know that if I violate the Acceptable Use Policy, my access privileges may be subject to consequences such as revoked or suspended, and I may face other disciplinary measures.
Signature *

Parent Agreement

The requester must be the enrolling parent, and a government-issued ID is needed before the device can be released; if understood, select yes. *
As the parent or guardian of the student signing above, I have read and understood the District Technology Usage Policy (AUP). I grant permission for him/her to have access to the technology resources and privileges provided by the District. I understand that this access is for educational purposes only. I recognize that even though the District has installed an Internet filtering device on all District computers accessing the Internet, the District can't eliminate or otherwise disallow access to all controversial materials on the Internet. I will not hold the District responsible for contents acquired on the Internet. I understand that individuals and families may be held accountable for the consequences of violations of the technology usage policy. I know that we may be held responsible for reimbursing the District for damage, repairs, or replacement of a Chromebook due to negligence on our part.
Signature: *

Chromebook Request Fee

A $25 fee is required and processed via Paypal. The requester must be the enrolling parent, and a government-issued ID is needed before the device can be released. Due to the limited amount of devices, we can only provide one Chromebook per household.
PLEASE NOTE: All Borrowed Technology Must be returned when students return to school
For any technical questions, contact NSC Technology Help Desk, Phone: (314) 624-0806, or visit – Technology