Chromebook Repair Form

Please fill out this form when a Chromebook is defective, damaged, or need of repair. A “loaner” Chromebook may be issued to a student while the first is being evaluated & repaired. Students are responsible for both the liability of the loaner device as well as their original Chromebook. School staff will notify students when their device has been evaluated and/or repaired via the contact information provided below.

Please complete all the necessary fields accurately.

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By signing this form, I understand that I am responsible for all damages or repairs associated with the Chromebook unless it is determined to be defective in which case NSC will cover all repairs.

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Chromebook Request Fee

Based on the issue described you will be charged the amount listed:
PLEASE NOTE: All Borrowed Technology Must be returned when students return to school
For any technical questions, contact NSC Technology Help Desk, Phone: (314) 624-0806, or visit – Technology