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Terms & Conditions

I understand that my skater(s) may be placed in the 4:10 or 4:35 class based on age group and/or level and I cannot request one time or the other. *
I understand that my skater(s) will be given a punch card for extra public sessions on Week 1 and it our sole responsibility to keep track of this card. The Punch card will NOT be replaced if lost or destroyed. *
I understand that registration is non-refundable and all sales are final. *
I agree to abide by any COVID protocols that may be in place at the start of the Learn to skate session. Not doing so may cause disqualification fro this program and forfeiture of my registration fee. *
Participation Release - I have read and acknowledged the Medical Release, Release of Liability, Photo Release and all rules of the Sun Valley Figure Skating Club regarding my or my child's participating in the Learn To Skate class program. Additionally, I agree to adhere and ensure that my child adheres to Sun Valley Company's COVID protocols in place at the time of each class or we will not be allowed to participate and forfeit the class fee. *
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