Winter Team Practice Field Request Form

This Form is to be Used by Teams/Groups Who Are Requesting Regular Winter Practice Fields. Deadline is October 10 for Adults. Youth Deadlines Vary

A Separate Form Must Be Filed For Each Team- Do Not Submit Duplicates for the Same Team

* Type of Program
Youth Teams: Only teams who are practicing to play in a winter cup (Association Cup or State Cup) or playing in the Girls SF based winter league will be allocated fields due to limited supply.

WARNING: All teams (adult and youth) will be checked to ensure that they submit only one request. ANY TEAM OR GROUP FOUND to submit more than one request for the same people will LOSE ALL ALLOCATIONS.

* Activity/Sport Played (you must complete a separate filing for each of the following):

Primary Team Contact:
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Secondary Team Contact:

Coach Information:

General Practice Information

Winter Practices May Not Start Prior to December 1

Would you like to skip practice on any of the following weeks (check all that apply)?

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