Student Evaluation of Internship Experience

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Evaluation of experience: *
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After a reasonable training period, I was able to carry out the responsibilities required of me.

I felt academically prepared for my internship.
I was assertive in communicating to my supervisor any questions or concerns I had about the co-op/internship.

I feel good about the way I handled most of the problems or conflicts that arose during the co-op/internship.

I demonstrated initiative in handling a problem or special project that occurred during my co-op/internship.

I sometimes found myself to be more concerned about finishing a task or solving a problem before I left for the day, rather than if it was quitting time.

I was able to find useful activities with which to occupy myself if I found a lull in my assigned responsibilities.

I communicated my ideas and concepts clearly in writing.

I demonstrated effective verbal communication (listening attentively and participating in meetings or group settings).

I maintained an enthusiastic demeanor throughout the co-op/internship experience.

I demonstrated professional conduct throughout the co-op/internship experience.

I was able to maintain productive working relationships with fellow employees.

I was receptive to constructive criticism from my supervisor(s). (I accepted responsibility for mistakes and learned from my experiences.)

I demonstrated the ability to work as a part of a diverse team.

I gained an understanding of organizational processes and structures.

Overall this was a valuable experience.
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Did you receive an offer for full-time employment as a result of this experience? *
Did you accept the offer?