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Performance Evaluation
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The student seemed to freely communicate any questions or concerns he or she had about work assignments.
The student appeared to handle most of the problems or conflicts that arose during the co-op/internship effectively.
The student communicated ideas and concepts clearly in writing.
The student demonstrated effective verbal communication (listening attentively and participating in meetings or group settings).
The student was able to maintain productive working relationships with fellow employees.
The student interacted effectively with customers and/or clients.
The student worked effectively with others in team settings.
The student demonstrated leadership in team settings.
After a reasonable training period, the student was able to carry out the responsibilities assigned to him or her.
The student was academically prepared.
The student demonstrated initiative in handling a problem or special project that occurred during the co-op/internship.
The student was concerned about finishing tasks/assignments in a timely manner.
When there was a lull, the student consulted with his/her supervisor(s) to remain productive.
The student was enthusiastic throughout the co-op/internship experience.
The student demonstrated professional conduct (behavior and attitude) during the co-op/internship experience.
The student was receptive to constructive criticism (accepted responsibility and learned from experiences).
The student demonstrated the ability to work as a part of a diverse team.
The student demonstrated understanding of organizational processes and structures
The student was appropriately dressed and groomed for his or her position.
Overall, the student provided value to my company/organization.
Overall, this was a worthwhile experience.
If there was a vacancy, the student would be offered full-time employment.
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