A.R.V.S.S.* Foster Application  
*Animal Rescue & Veterinary Support Services

Are you willing to foster dogs?
   If yes, how many?  
Are you willing to foster puppies?
   if yes, how many?  
Checking the boxes on the fields below indicate
that you understand and agree with each point:

By placing my initials or signing my name to this application, I certify that the information I have given is true.  I realize the any misrepresentation of facts may result in my losing the privilege of fostering an animal for ARVSS.  I understand that ARVSS has the right to deny my request to foster an animal for any situation that would be contrary to the organization's policies, in violation of any state or local ordinances, or not in the best interest of the animal, as determined by ARVSS I authorize verification of all statements in this application, and I also authorize my veterinarian to release any information requested by ARVSS.

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