Athlete Alumni Ambassador (3A) Award - Application

On behalf of the Athletes Advisory Committee, I am thrilled to announce your eligibility for the Athlete Ambassador Award (3A). Your eligibility is based on your success this past season as a novice or junior competitor. The Athletes Advisory Committee (AAC) recognizes the dedication it takes to qualify for the 2015 U.S Figure Skating Championships or the 2015 U.S Synchronized Skating Championships. You should be very proud of your accomplishments this season.

The 3A is a scholarship program that identifies skaters who have achieved a level of excellence in the sport while also maintaining an ability to volunteer and contribute to their community. Activities such as volunteering for your home club, participating in extracurricular activities at school and/or contributing to various causes within your community, are just some examples of what can, and will be, considered. It is the AAC’s hope that this program will inspire young athletes to be thoughtful ambassadors on and off the ice.

One grand prize monetary scholarship ($2,000) will be awarded to the top finisher. Five other monetary scholarships ($500 each) will be awarded to the top finisher in each discipline: ladies, men’s, pairs, ice dance and synchronized skating. Please follow the information below to apply.
In order to apply, you must fill out this application along with a short video (30 seconds - 2 minutes in length) on who you are, what you are doing to give back to the community and why you should win this award.
Skaters will be asked on the second part of the application to post the link of his/her YouTube video. Videos do not need to be professional quality and are allowed to be recorded on an iPhone (or similar device). If you do not want to post your video on YouTube you may email it directly to Pilar Bosley(
Application Deadline
The application and short video are to be completed on this form by Friday, April 10, 2015. Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered.
Applications/Videos will be reviewed by the AAC. Recipients of the 2015 Athlete Alumni Ambassador Award will be announced in early May at the AAC dinner at the annual Governing Council.
If you have any questions about the application and contest, please contact Pilar Bosley, AAC Chair, at
Thanks for your interest and good luck! 
Pilar Bosley, AAC Chair