National Skating Month Video Contest

All skaters who have recently passed their pre-preliminary, preliminary or pre-juvenile U.S. Figure Skating moves in the field or free skate test, or skate on a Beginner or Preliminary synchronized skating team are invited to participate in U.S. Figure Skating's 2nd Annual National Skating Month Video Contest!  

All submissions are due by December 1st, 2013.
Contest Criteria
1. The skater(s) must have passed their pre-preliminary, preliminary, or pre-juvenile moves in the field or free skate test January 1st, 2013 or later, or be currently skating on a Beginner (1, 2, or 3) or Preliminary synchro team.
2. The video must contain a good luck message to Team USA skaters who are Sochi bound (30 second maximum on all videos, but 15 seconds recommended).
3. You must include your First name, or team name ONLY, age and skating club or program you represent.
4. You must upload your video to and include the link to your video in this form.
5. The more creative the better!  

The winning video submission will be selected by U.S. Figure Skating to be displayed at events including, but not limited to: U.S. Figure Skating Championships,,, and will be sent to all member clubs, rinks and basic skills programs participating in National Skating Month to use at their events.  The winning skaters in each category will also recieve a U.S. Figure Skating prize package.

If you have any questions about the contest, please contact Kelli Evers, Athlete Development Coordinator, at
Thanks for your interest and good luck!